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Is Olive Oil for Hair Growth Beneficial?

Olive Oil for Hair Growth

Is olive oil effective for hair growth? Do you know the benefits? Olive oil can be considered as one of the most powerful oils related to hair care. For example, this oil can make your hair grow...

What Are Your Favorite Types of Ear Piercing?

Types of Ear Piercing

If you are interested in ear piercing, you have to know different types of ear piercing. In fact, ear piercing is divided into many types because the piercing can be applied on different parts or spots of...

Benefits & Uses of Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth

Benefits And Uses Of Rosemary Oil For Hair Growth And Thickness

One of the studies shows that rosemary oil for hair growth is really beneficial. So, if you have hair problems like hair loss or even baldness, it will be a good idea to use rosemary oil to...

6 Most Popular Types of Lip Piercing (Names, Positions, Pictures)

Types of Lip Piercing

Since lip piercing becomes getting more popular, there are more than 10 types of lip piercing available. So, if you have a plan to pierce your lip, you have to know at least the popular types available....

Does Mayonnaise Really Kill Lice & How to Use It?

Does Mayonnaise Kill Lice

Mayonnaise is often used for hair beauty. So, does mayonnaise kill lice? It is a big question often asked by many people. In fact, mayonnaise is well known to be able to treat lice. Even though some...

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