apple cider vinegar mole removal

Apple Cider Vinegar Mole Removal & How You Do Things Right to Remove It

apple cider vinegar mole removal
Did you have big, dark, and visible mole on your face and feel embarrassed to have it on? If you care much about how you look, we understand that it must have been your wish to remove from your face. Well, we are born with it and there is no health danger to it.

However, if you wish to remove it, you can consider using apple cider vinegar mole removal. People might have used different methods, but this one has been proven to be effective and is worth trying to remove your mole.

How to remove moles with apple cider vinegar? You start by making cotton ball, damp it with the vinegar, apply it on mole, and cover with bandage.

Make the Proper Mini Cotton Balls

We are not going to apply the vinegar with our fingers. Surely, you don’t want to infect some bacteria on the skin through your hands, right? That is why it is best for us to use cotton balls instead.

So, go grab some cotton swabs first. From the end of the swab, pull the cotton off of it. From that, you will get mini cotton ball with perfect size. You can make the cotton ball yourself like this instead of just randomly making the ball with a pile of cotton you have. Then, you can move on.
apple cider vinegar moles and skin tags how to removing getting rid of moles with using apple cider vinegar safe reviews

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Dip the Cotton Ball in Your Vinegar

Now that you have prepared the cotton balls to use, you will need the vinegar next. This time, you need to dip the cotton ball in it. Don’t immediately apply it on your mole though. Cotton ball that is dripping wet with vinegar won’t do here.

Mole removal with apple cider vinegar requires you to squeeze the wet cotton ball out. We just need it damp, not dripping wet after all. Of course, the result will be different if you let it all wet when you apply it on your mole. So, just follow this step.
mole apple cider vinegar apple cider mole removal

Cover the Mole with the Bandages

The next thing you need to do is to apply the cotton ball damp with vinegar on your mole. Applying it on for just a while won’t do though. That is why we need to cover it with bandage too. Choose one that is sticky all the way around.

When you use it on, it will be able to lock in the vinegar completely. You will avoid letting it dripping out and irritating other skin. Furthermore, it is comfortable to let it stay there without us having to hold onto it for hours. This step is not the end of everything though.

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Remove and Then Repeat Every Step

After about 6 to 8 hours, you can then remove everything that covers your mole. Change the cotton ball and put new apple cider vinegar to remove the mole and skin tag. Of course, you need to put on the bandage.

In short, you need to repeat all the steps every 6 to 8 hours during the day. You may or may not leave it be while you are sleeping. Just do this for about 3 to 5 days. The black scab will appear and you can stop using the removal. Wait for it to fall off and within 6 months it will be clean.

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