can head lice jump

Can Head Lice Jump / Fly?

can head lice jump
How do you get head lice: where do they come from? There are so many people who ask “can head lice jump and fly from person to person?” This question has been asked since many years ago and still many people do not know about it until now.

One of the misconceptions related to head lice is that they can jump or fly. So, is this belief true? That is what we will discuss farther in this article below.
do head lice jump from person to person

Is It True That Head Lice Jump / Fly?

Do head lice fly? This question still becomes a great problem for many people. Unfortunately, many people still believe that head lice can move by jumping or even flying.

This rumor is spread to many people until now. They believe that head lice can jump or fly from one’s head to another. Before this misconception goes too far, you have to know the truth that we will share in this article.

The Lifespan of Head Lice

Before discussing further about how head lice move, it is important to know about their lifespan. Commonly, head lice are parasites. The lifespan of lice depends on some factors. They include protection, shelter and of course food. Without the host, head lice can survive around 48 hours only.

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How about bugs and nits? Bugs are able to survive around 48 hours whereas nits will survive about 10 days without the host. It shows that head lice do not have too long lifespan.
head lice jump

The Difference between Head Lice and Fleas

Many people do not know that head lice and fleas are different. Will head lice jump / fly? If this question is for fleas, they can jump. Even more, fleas belong to one of the highest jumpers over the world.

The contrast fact also happens on the lifespan where fleas are able to survive for long period even without the host. On the contrary, head lice lifespan depends on the host of foods, protection and also shelter.
head lice spread nits eggs and hair lice jump hop and fly

How Head Lice Travel

How do head lice travel? That is the right question. Since the rumor that head lice jump or fly is not true, we need to know how they travel. Head lice cannot jump because the legs are too short. They also cannot fly because they do not have wing. It shows that head lice cannot either jump or fly. The right conception is that head lice only can crawl. So, it is almost impossible for them to move from one’s head to another.

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However, head lice can move from hair or scalp to other parts such as behind ears or neck. They always look for the most comfortable spot. Then, they will also usually bite in the areas they feel comfortable. They bite to consume human blood. If they do not get human blood, they cannot survive for long.

In conclusion, head lice will not be able to move from person to person by jumping or flying. However, if there is contact between one’s head to another, it is possible for head lice to move from one person to another. Head lice’s bites usually cause itchiness. So, you have to kill them to avoid hair problems.

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