Does Mayonnaise Kill Lice

Does Mayonnaise Really Kill Lice & How to Use It?

Does Mayonnaise Kill Lice
Mayonnaise is often used for hair beauty. So, does mayonnaise kill lice? It is a big question often asked by many people. In fact, mayonnaise is well known to be able to treat lice. Even though some studies do not prove that, many parents still believe in it and this way mostly works.

You need to know that mayonnaise contains some ingredients that include egg yolk, vinegar and oil. Homemade mayonnaise usually contains around 70 percent of fat. There are also products of low fat mayonnaise that contain cellulose gel, starches, and others to stimulate its texture.

Can Mayonnaise Kill Head Lice

Does It Really Work?

Can mayonnaise kill lice? Actually, natural oil is the most effective option. Since mayonnaise also contains much oil, it can also kill head lice as well.

Many parents use mayonnaise to kill head lice on their children until now. Because this method mostly works well, you can also follow this tip. However, you have to keep in mind that still there is no research that proves this.

Tips for Killing Lice with Mayonnaise

Does mayonnaise work to eliminate head lice? We have answered this question above. So, if you consider this for lice treatment, you should pay attention to the following tips:

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Home Remedy - Can Mayonnaise Treat Head Lice and Nits

You Must Not Use Low Fat Mayonnaise

Low fat mayonnaise does not contain much oil. So, it is not recommended for lice treatment. So, you have to prioritize gull fat mayonnaise whether it belongs to homemade or commercial.

Use It for Short Term Treatment

Mayonnaise contains vinegar. It can kill head lice, but not their eggs (nits). So, if you use mayonnaise for killing head lice, you still need other recipes.

How to Kill Head Lice Using Mayonnaise

Is it possible to get rid of lice using mayonnaise? It can really kill adult head lice. So, you have to know how to use it. There are some steps that you need to follow.

Apply Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise Lice Treatment
First of all, apply mayonnaise on your hair and scalp evenly. If you feel itchy on your neck or behind your ears, you can also apply the mayonnaise on those areas. Sometimes, lice are found there.

Optionally Wrap Your Head

For adults, it is recommended to cover your head using a plastic wrap or a shower cap. However, it is not recommended for kids.

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Leave It for a Few Hours

Now, you can leave it for around 8 hours. Longer hours will be better but shorter hours will not work well. Actually, it depends on how much you apply mayonnaise on your head.

For adults, you may consider leaving it overnight but it is not recommended for kids because they can grab and eat the mayonnaise while sleeping.

Wash It with Water

Mayonnaise Treatment for Head Lice
After at least 8 hours, you can wash your hair using fresh or running water until it is really clean. If needed, you can use shampoo.

That is how mayonnaise kills head lice. However, the eggs of lice are still not killed. Now, you still need the farther plans to kill the eggs so that your hair and scalp will be free from head lice.

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