does shampoo expire

Does Shampoo Expire? How Do You Know?

Does shampoo expire? This is probably one of the most common questions that we all have in mind. The problem with most beauty products is that the manufacturer often doesn’t include the expiry date.

Skincare and beauty products have the information but not with shampoo. You may not find the information on the bottle, but rest assured that shampoo has its own expiry date too.

The Facts about Shampoo’s Expire

does shampoo have an expiration date
In general, most shampoo will expire within 12 months after purchase although the label may not say so. You see, the formula (of the shampoo) usually contains water. This makes the shampoo prone to bacterial existence and infection. Many manufacturers may include (hard) synthetic preservatives to make their products go as long as they can. But any water-based product is bound to have the fast expiry date.

What about shampoos using natural plant-based preservatives (such as radish root or rosemary oil ferment filtrate)? They even expire faster – they can only last for several months. That’s why it is always recommended to do some researches about the products you are using – how safe the products are? Do they use preservatives? If they do, what are they?

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The Effects

shampoo expiration date
A lot of people say that topical products aren’t as risky as those ingested ones. You may think that using the expired shampoos won’t do you any harm. However, there are several negative effects of using such expired products:

  • Reduced functions and effectiveness. When a shampoo is expired, it won’t be able to wash, clean, and care for your hair efficiently. Basically, don’t expect it to work as good as you have expected.
  • Bacterial infection. Another negative effect of using expired products is bacterial spread to the scalp, which can lead to infection. When you suffer from scalp infection, it will be irritated, experience redness, and open pores. It may even lead to hair loss. The worse is that the health problem can spread to other body and skin’s areas.

Sign of ‘Bad’ Shampoo

does shampoo go bad
So, since there is no expiry date on the shampoo, how do you know that it is still good? There are several ways to check them:

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In most cases, you should be able to see that the appearance has changed. It may be runny. Or you may see the contents have visibly separated. Shampoos use ingredients, including stabilizers. When it expires, the stabilizers would lose their potency, leading to runny or separated appearance.


Besides the appearance, you should also check the smell. It doesn’t smell like usual; you may even sense that it has become acrid or bitter. Some products even have experienced a change in the smell, even before they expire.
why does shampoo expire if unopened sealed can cause itchy scalp baldness damage your hair?


You may notice that you no longer experience the same benefits after using it. Or you may have to use more than usual to get the (usual) desired effect.

Now that you already know the fact, you may want to consider the products you are using. Are they really safe? Do you like using it? Can you take benefits from it? You already know “does shampoo or hair conditioner expire” and how you can use it before the date.

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