how fast armpit hair grow

How Fast Does Armpit Hair Grow: Knowing the Facts

If you have ever wondered how fast does armpit hair grow, you need to take a look at the basic facts and knowledge about the whole thing.

You see, human body has this magnificent way of working and functioning. Each body has its own unique and different mechanism so you can generalize one body to another. And the hair growth rate also depends on how your body functions and works.
how fast does armpit hair grow

The Basic Facts

Although there is a standard general statistics about the armpit hair growth rate, each person has different mechanism. Not only different person will be different from one another, it is also possible that an individual may have different hair growth rate on different areas. It is possible for some people to have fast hair growth but slow body hair growth, or vice versa. Some people are naturally hairy – they have fast hair growth all over the body. Some people are naturally slow.

There are different factors that determine these different rates. Genetic hereditary, for a start, plays an important role. If you are naturally hairy, you can see some of the proof from other family members. If you are naturally slow with fine hair texture, most of your family members will also share the same trait.
how fast does armpit hair grow back after shaving waxing

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Besides genetic factor, there are also other factors that may contribute to the condition. Poor health and poor lifestyle will definitely slow down the growth – not to mention that it may result in gloomy and unhealthy hair.

On the contrary, healthy people with healthy lifestyle tend to have healthy, silky, and thick hair. Don’t forget to look into your age or personal lifestyle if you want to check whether you can grow hair fast or slow. In short, don’t be too confused or too lost when you find out that there are different growth rates on different people. It is natural – and you shouldn’t make it a huge deal.

The Average Rate

armpit hair growth rate
Basically, the standard hair growth rate is about 0.5 inch or 1.25 cm a month – which takes about 6 inches or 15 cm a year. Some people may have faster growth, leading in longer hair than 1.25 cm a month, while some are less than that. But the difference isn’t drastic in general, so it won’t be too drastic.

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Again, some conditions determine the rate of the growth. If you suffer from cancer and have to undergo chemotherapy, your hair will stop growing for a while. After you discontinue the treatment, it takes around 10 months for your hair to grow again.

Moreover, if you have thyroid issue, it may also affect the growth rate of your hair. Gender difference will also determine the rate – whereas women somewhat have faster rate than men. Ethnicity somewhat also contributes to the rate, whereas Asian have faster rate than African or Caucasian. Healthy diet and the use of proper and right hair products will also contribute to the faster rate.

The human body is unique. You need to understand your own system in order to gain the best effect and result. If you are thinking about growing armpit or body hair, you can make plan after knowing how fast does armpit hair grow.

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