how to get rid of lice permanently

How to Get Rid of Lice Permanently with Good Old-Fashioned Hard Work and Persistence

how to get rid of lice permanently
Head lice sure are not easy to get rid of. You might have used all sorts of treatments or remedies to do the job. Despite that, head lice could still come around. This is what would happen if you don’t treat it right.

You see, it never hurts to try good old-fashioned way of how to get rid of lice permanently. It might require hard work, persistence, and time, but it is worth a try. So, let’s see and learn what needs to be done to do the job here. You might be able to kill the lice once and for all.

So, how to remove lice from hair permanently? It can be manage with good, old-fashioned solution. You comb through the hair and use over the counter product.

How to Get Rid of Lice Once & For All

Separate the Hair into Some Sections

how to remove lice from hair permanently
First of all, you need to get the hair ready for the treatment, of course. You will have to start everything by separating the hair into sections measuring 1 inch by using the comb. You can get the help from hair band or clip to keep them in place.

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We are going to work on every single section of the hair, leaving no space untreated. That is why we need to do this here. After all, it is difficult to work on the hair without dividing them. You will have more work to do if you don’t do such thing.

Comb the Hair Through and Clean Up

permanent lice removal get rid of hair lice permanently by home remedies
Now that you have the hair divided into sections, you need to comb through the hair bit by bit from the scalp till the end of the hair. If you find anything attached to the comb, use tissue to wipe them off and throw it to the garbage bag. Do this to your entire hair.

No wonder, removing head lice permanently like this requires patience. Also, since nits are stubbornly attached to the hair strand, you need to pull them manually with your fingers until they come off. Don’t just let them be there.

Use the Over the Counter Treatment

best way to get rid of lice forever
Well, combing through the hair and pulling off the nits are actually not enough to do the job here. We need to use over the counter shampoo treatment as well. There are many of them out there (see also: essential oils for head lice treatment).

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However, for maximum result, you need to use the shampoo as it is instructed in its product information. Overdoing things have never resulted in good things. It applies the same even in this case. There shouldn’t be too much pesticide in contact with us since it is dangerous for our health.

Wash Everything in Contact with Lice

get rid of head lice and nits once and for all
The last thing you need to do is to wash everything that might have come into contact with the lice on your head. It could be the bedding, clothing, towels, and more. Use hot water since lice hates the heat.

Once you are done with that, use dyer at its hottest setting the dry everything. Taking advantage of its heat, it can help you kill off the lice. The way to remove lice permanently ends here. Just pay attention to the hair every day for 3 weeks to make sure that the lice is completely gone.

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