how to get waves with straight hair

Easiest Way to Get Natural Waves with Straight Hair

How to get waves with straight hair sounds impossible to achieve. Well, it’s not. You can get natural beach waves and curls even from your straight undeviating hair. Having straight hair your whole life sometimes can be very boring and unexciting.

Waving your natural straight hair is able to change your entire appearance. You will have a brand new look only by waving your hair. You can give a new look of your hair by giving it waves or curls. It makes your hair look fuller and gives it more movement. There is a number of ways to wave your straight hair. Let’s check it out!
how to get waves with straight hair how to get straight hair wavy

Healthy Methods of Waving Straight Hair

Changing your look by giving your straight hair waves or curls is quite easy to get. There are several options of methods in waving your straight hair. However, it is recommended that you choose the healthier ways to get natural waves with your straight hair.

Choose methods that use no heat in waving your thin or thick straight hair as heating your hair for a long period of time can result in damaging your hair. This time we choose the easiest and safest way to wave your hair. Now let’s take a look at the steps of getting waves with your medium or long straight hair.

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How to Braid Your Hair for Waves Overnight

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Our pick is wearing braids overnight to get waves with your straight hair. Here are the steps by steps you can try at home. First wash and condition your hair. Just do your routine of washing and conditioning your hair but do it when you have time to let it dry. You can do the step in the late afternoon or evening. Next, use towel to dry your hair. It should be around 75% dry.

After that add foam mousse to your hair. You can do it by applying a quarter-sized drop of strong foam mousse. It gives more volume to your hair. The fourth method is scrunching up your hair with your both hair. Do this step all over your head as it keeps your hair from going stick straight.

Next step, take some time to let your hair dry nearly completely. If you have longer hair it takes longer time to dry. You can go into sunshine for a while for a help. Afterwards, put on texturizer spray to help hold waves in your hair. Then, split your hair into 4 or 5 chunks and braid each with a loose knot.

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Step number eight is leaving the braids in all night. Just go to sleep with braids in your hair. Gently undo them when you wake up in the morning. Keep out your fingers from undoing your braids.

After that, again, scrunch up your hair a little bit with your hands and add hairspray. Do it all over your head. The hairspray will hold the shape of your hair. The last step is re-braiding your hair every night. Put 4 or 5 braids in your hair again when you are going to sleep. If you want to get the waves quickly, skip washing your hair. Wash your hair every few days is better. You can try this healthy method on how to make straight hair wavy easily at home.

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