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Ingrown Nose Hair Issue and Treatments

The problem of ingrown nose hair is possible when you like to tweeze or trim it. If you don’t, then you don’t have to worry about it because you won’t experience such a thing. Preventing ingrown hair of the nose requires you to avoid trimming the nose hair altogether.

The ingrown hair isn’t life threatening although it can cause infection and discomfort; not to mention throbbing pain and embarrassment. If you want to avoid such a problem, know some basic facts about it – including the possible treatments.
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About the Ingrown Hair

When you shave, you cut the hair shaft on the surface. The hair will go upward, which will result in the visible appearance of the hair itself. In the ingrown hair issue, however, the hair is somewhat curved or curled, and it grows back inside the skin pores, instead of going up and outward.

Once the ingrown hair penetrates the skin, it will trigger a ‘safety alarm’ so the body will view it as a threat. The body will then isolate the area and send white blood cells (which are the soldiers of the body) to eliminate the threats.
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The area where the ingrown hair grows will be bumpy, reddish, and painful. Sometimes, the bump will contain pus which is the result of the white blood cells activity. Imagine how it feels when it happens to your nose – the inside part of it!

So, what are the symptoms of the ingrown hair?

  • The area is usually inflamed with pimple-like bump
  • Pain or discomfort which can last for days – even up to 2 weeks
  • The nostril is likely swollen and red, which will appear on the outer side
  • You can feel the throbbing pain, which will get worse if the bump is going to burst, right on the bump

ingrown nose hair

The Proper Treatments

Yes, the ingrown hair can be uncomfortable, no matter where it is located. But if you do it wrong, you will only aggravate the issue and make the problem worse. That’s why it is important to pay attention to the correct treatment.

  • Apply warm compress. Heat can provide a relief, soothing the pain and discomfort – it sort of delivering a numbing effect. Warm compress will also speed up the maturity process so your bump can get burst, releasing the pus. You can use a soft cloth that is soaked to a hot water. Wring it out and then apply it on the inside of your nose. You need to accompany this with a warm compress on the outer side so it will speed up the recovery time.
  • There are several creams that can be applied to the affected area. If you consult a doctor, they may prescribe you a certain ointment that can also be applied on the area.
  • Avoid scratching the affected area. You don’t want to break the skin because it can be the entrance for bacteria – which will only make the problem get worse.
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Be aware of the signs of infection. When you have a fever, it is time to see a doctor because it is an obvious sign of infection. You want to treat the ingrown hair in nose issue as careful as possible and avoid issue.

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