laser wart removal

Laser Wart Removal Process and Types You Must Know

Although laser wart removal is quite costly, it is one of the most popular and likable treatments because of the time efficiency and the fast solution. Surgical procedure may be viewed as the last resort, but when your warts are quite severe and complicated, it is better to undergo the surgical procedure.

Another reason why this method is likable is because the possibility of recurrence is pretty slim and limited. Since the heat from the laser is destroying the microscopic virus, the possibility of recurrence is very small. That’s why this method is often considered ideal to remove the warts for once and for all (another options: homeopathic warts removal and herbal warts removal.
laser wart removal

How the Surgery Runs

With the laser treatment, it is basically targeting the deeper layer of the skin where the wart resides. Laser is using high temperature beam that can kill any living tissue.

The idea is to kill the blood vessel that has been feeding off the warts so the warts will be starved. When they are starved, they will dry and eventually die. The problem is, the tissue of the warts are often located deep inside the skin, making it difficult for cure or treatment.

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Different Laser Types

You probably don’t know this but there are actually some possible laser treatments that are available for the problem, such as:
does laser wart removal hurt

  • Pulsed dye. The laser will target the hemoglobin of the wart’s blood vessels. The heat will spread to the wart’s tissue, seal the blood vessel, and stop nutrients from supplying it. In the end, the wart will dry, die, and fall off.

  • Carbon dioxide. This laser treatment is directly targeting the wart, vaporizing the tissue. This method is considered the most effective because it only needs one treatment, in most cases. Moreover, once the procedure completes, there won’t be any infection, pain, or scars.

The Aftermath

It is super crucial to listen to your doctor about the best method to go through your recovery period. Don’t forget that it is a surgery – you will have to deal with pain and discomfort. Follow your doctor’s direction of what to do after the surgery, how to change the bandage, or how to clean the wound. If there is something wrong, immediately go back to your doctor – don’t take matters into your own hand.
side effects of laser wart removal

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There are some possible risks and side effects after the surgery, such as:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Bleeding
  • Fever, no matter the severity
  • Yellowish discharge from the wound. If it doesn’t happen, you won’t have to worry about the possibility of infection. But if it does, see your doctor right away because it is a definite sign of infection.

To prevent risks, it is crucial to choose only the reliable and trusted doctor. It is also important to have an initial meeting (sometimes, it is possible to have several meetings) to talk about the procedure, to see the level of severity, and to find the best alternative. Be extra careful of the services offering too low procedure cost – you know that such a thing is too good to be true. You can have a safe laser wart removal only if you know what to expect.

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