does lysol kill lice

Does Lysol Kill Lice? Finding Out the Best Treatment to Get Rid of the Pesky Parasite

does lysol kill lice
Are you suffering from lice in all sorts of ways? Well, we are talking about one pesky parasite here. Without doubt, it is sure to make quite a headache for us. It can spread easily to others, after all. So, it is important to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Among the solutions to remove the lice, there is Lysol people have been questioning about. Does lysol kill lice then? Let’s have this topic discussed in this opportunity to find out about it. After all, you can’t just use any treatment for pesky head lice.
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Lysol for Lice on Furniture or Bedding
You might be familiar about lice affecting the hair, but they do affect the things around you too. Some of them are furniture and bedding. Furniture, like sofa, couch, or car seat has fibrous upholstery, making it the best place for lice to make home. It goes the same with the bedding since they are pretty much cloth.

However, you need to know that using Lysol on them does more harm than good. To begin with, using Lysol on furniture or bedding is not effective. Don’t bother to try it.
can lysol kill lice

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Not to mention, it can be bad for your health. Why, of course, it is because lysol stays there on the surface of furniture or bedding after you use it. Then, without being aware about it, you might accidentally inhale the chemicals.

You know inhaled chemicals can harm the body from inside. Since removing lice with Lysol is out of option, you can actually get rid of them by simply vacuuming or washing them thoroughly. The lice might still come back, but it is safer than risking your health by using Lysol that is not even good at all.

Lysol for Lice Affecting People’s Hairs

Now, how does it go on hair? Well, we are sure that you should get a hint or two from the discussion above. As you might have known, Lysol contains harsh chemicals. That is why it is dangerous for it to be inhaled by humans.
lysol disinfectant spray for lice

Since it is dangerous for us already, using it on hair wouldn’t be an option too. If we have to make it clear, Lysol is better considered as disinfectant. Thus, you can’t expect it to be some kind of pesticide. It is not even effective in completely getting rid of the lice from hair too.

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If you have to get rid of the lice on your hair though, it is best to go with anti-lice products. Use them once every 7 to 10 days over a period of 3 to 4 weeks. Alternatively, you can go with home remedies, like mayonnaise, Vaseline, and essential oils for 15 to 20 minutes under shower cap would do the job.

So, can you use Lysol to kill head lice? It actually does not do such thing. Rather, lysol treatment is dangerous for humans’ health if we happen to inhale it accidentally.

If the lice resist the anti-lice products and home remedies how side effects, you can try considering hair dye. In short, we don’t suggest you to use Lysol for head lice. It is simply dangerous for health.

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