is shaving your arms a good idea

Should I Shave My Arms? The Common Facts

Have you ever asked yourself, “Should I shave my arms?” This is the kind of question that baffles most women because you will deal with point-of-no-return issue. You probably have heard people saying, ‘Once you go there, you won’t be able to come back.’ especially when related to arms and legs shaving.

So, what’s the deal about this action, really? What things you should do and shouldn’t do?
should I shave my arms

Arms Shaving

Most women like to have an armless condition where the arms are completely free from hair. This is the idea behinds the arms shaving movement, encouraging most women around the world to shave their arms and legs.

Some women are willing to pay extra to undergo laser hair removal procedure where the hair follicle is heated so it won’t grow anymore. Not only you will have to spend a fortune, this process can happen in steps and stages – it won’t be resolved within one visit to the doctor’s office.
should woman shave her arms

Shaving and the Concept of Modern Beauty
A lot of women claim that once you start shaving your arms (or legs), you can never stop. You will have to dedicate your time to do the shaving and you will have to do it at least several times within a week. Why would they do it? Why would they be willing to complicate themselves?

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The idea of shaving is deeply related to the concept of beauty where attractive women should be hairless. You need to remember, though, that different people have different condition – some may have thicker and coarser hair while some have fine and super fine hair, almost to the point of having no hair at all. Don’t forget that some people may have the condition where the hair on the scalp and face is different from the one on the arms and legs.
should i shave my arms as a girl

There is the idea that once you shave the legs or arms, the hair will grow again so you will have to continuously shave it. It is basically a natural process, where you shave once and then the body will grow the hair back again.

After all, body hair acts as a protective part of the skin. It acts like a filter as well as providing natural moisturizer to the skin. It protects the skin from being too dry, providing the needed humidity that will also regulate the body’s temperature.

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Shaving Activity

What happens when you start shaving your arms? Does shaving arms make hair thicker?
if i shave my arms what will happen

  • As it was mentioned before, the hair will grow back again. Unless you are doing the laser hair removal that will prevent the hair follicle from growing back again.
  • Your skin will be dry. That’s why it is crucial to always moisturize your skin, especially with the one having sun screen now that your skin is hairless.
  • There is always a possibility of suffering from ingrown hair, which is a condition where the hair curls and grows back into the skin pores instead of going upward to the skin surface.

It is up to you whether you want to continue with the shaving or not. But now that you already know the answers to the question, ‘should I shave my arms as a guy, girl, or man?’ you can make an educated decision.

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