tongue piercing care

Tongue Piercing Care Tips

tongue piercing care
When you decide to have tongue piercing, you have to know that it requires high level of attention and care. We all know that tongue piercing is cool and even fun. However, it is important to know well about tongue piercing care.

If you care for it well, you will not only look cool but you can also prevent problems related to it. In fact, tongue piercing can cause many problems including infection if you do not care for it.

How to Take Care of Your Tongue Piercing

how to take care of a tongue piercing

Cleaning Tongue Piercing

One of the ways how to care for tongue piercing is by cleaning it. Cleaning tongue piercing is very crucial to prevent infection. To clean the tongue piercing, you may use antibacterial or antimicrobial alcohol-free mouth rinses. Besides that, you can also consider sterile saline solution. However, if you have heart problem or high blood pressure, you need to consult to a doctor first. For more detailed tips, you can follow these steps:

  • Firstly, you should rinse using a mouth cleaning or rinse solution for a half minute after eating or drinking. You must do this 5 or 6 times per day. However, you must avoid overdoing because it can cause tongue discoloration.

  • Then, you also should saturate clean gauze added with saline solution. After that, leave that on your tongue piercing for at least 5 minutes and maximally 10 minutes.

  • In addition, tongue piercing aftercare also requires you to clean the jewelry using sop & rinse it thoroughly. You should do this when showering. You cannot leave the soap on that jewelry more than 30 seconds.

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Minimizing Swelling

If you have tongue piercing, it is normal that you will experience swelling. Even more, sometimes it can cause bruising and bleeding in the first 3 to 5 days after you get the tongue-piercing. However, swelling can still happen but lighter.

For tongue piercing healing, you have to reduce the risk of swelling. There are some ways that you can do to reduce swelling after getting piercing:

Sucking Ice Cubes

best way to look after a tongue piercing nursing
If swelling still happens after a few days, you can suck ice cubes. Alternatively, you can use ice chips. Then, let the ice cubes dissolve in your mouth. If you do this before going to bed, it will prevent or at least minimize swelling in the morning.

Taking Over-the-Counter Medication

One of the simplest tongue piercing treatments is by taking over-the counter medications. For example, you can take ibuprofen. If you follow the instructions & dosage rightly, this will be helpful.

Be Quiet

Swelling after tongue piercing may be caused by stress. Sometimes, you only need to be quiet. For example, you can take up meditation to fresh up your body and mind. If you feel fresh and relaxed, swelling can be reduced well.

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Keep It Cool

The most effective way to prevent or stop swelling is by keeping it cool. You can keep your tongue cool with drinks and foods. For example, you can prioritize consuming cold foods & drinks to soothe your tongue. You also must avoid spicy, hot, acidic and salty foods because they can cause irritation.

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