trimming armpit hair and how to do it

Trimming Armpit Hair and How To Do It

Basically, the term trimming armpit hair is applicable to men – whose meaning is basically the same as shaving to women. In the old days, men were advised to maintain their masculinity, which is related to them being hairy and everything – while women were advised the opposite, where they should be smooth and hairless.
trimming armpit hair

The Modern Fact and Condition

In this modern era, however, things have changed and the concept of masculinity has switched to other areas. Being all hairy isn’t necessarily associated with being masculine and manly, and such thing alike.

It shouldn’t be too surprising if men today like to keep their hair short and trimmed, instead of being bushy, wild, and tangled. If you see some men keeping their armpit hair trimmed and shaved, don’t look at them weird. It is a part of the modern lifestyle and urban requirements, really.

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Thanks to the modern idea and concept of body grooming, men are starting to adjust themselves to the changes. There were 4,000 men who were surveyed, and the majority of them (68%) they have trimmed their armpit hair.

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From the percentage, 52% of them are doing it for aesthetic reasons while the 16% claim that they are doing it for athletic causes. Moreover, the trimmed hair means that you will stay fresh for longer time. Not to mention that you will also look better (and neater, for sure) – which may add a plus point on your side.
trim armpit hair

Doing the Proper Trimming

In the event that you haven’t tried trimming before, here are some suggestions and ideas of how to do it right:

  • Don’t wet yourself before doing the trimming. Wet will cause the hair to get tangled up. Not to mention that men’s hair is coarser and thicker than women, which can be easily tangled up.
  • Keep the scissors or clippers handy. It is up to you if you want to do it with a shave although the best way is to do it with the clipper.
  • You can trim it at around an inch length but you can try with ¾ of an inch so you don’t have to deal with scratchy or prickly hair. If you are using an electric trimmer, use the number four guard.
  • Don’t rush things. The underarm area is quite tricky with its contour and shape. You don’t want to nick or cut or hurt yourself in general.
  • Cut or shave in one direction. In the most general case, you want to cut it from the up downward because it is easier. After all, keeping the one direction cut will help in better hair growth direction.
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trim or shave armpit hair

Trimming Kit and Packages

Some men may choose a certain trimming kit, which consists of the specialized razor or clipper and some products to help with the trimming. Within this kit, you can expect some preparation oil and also restoring products to soothe the skin – all designed to avoid and prevent irritation.

Having this kind of kit depends on your personal preference and like, really. Whether you stay with the kit or a single clipper for trimming armpit hair, it is all up to you.

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