types of hair extensions

4 Different Types of Hair Extensions: What is the Best Weave Style?

Types of hair extensions which are available for those young ladies can be one of the ways for the people to enhance their beauty and increase their self confidence. When they feel insecure and unconfident about their physical appearance, they can cover up their weakness by adding the hair extension.

Before getting further, you need to know that there are two kinds of hair extensions, whether they are the extensions that come from the real human hair or the synthetic hair.
types of hair extensions

The human hair comes from the donors who want to cut off their hair to be short and they don’t want to take their hair, thus their hair would be changed into hair extensions.

Meanwhile, the synthetic hair extensions come from the blended fibers and also made up chemical things yet they are made as similar as possible with the real hair. After getting to know the differences of those two different hair qualities, we will start with the 4 different types of hair extensions.

Tape in Extensions

different types of hair extensions types of extensions
Tape in extension is the hair extension that has been pre-taped before and then the extension will be taped altogether with some of your real hair. When you want your hair to be added with the tape in extension, the extension would be taped near the hair root by using so-called glue. The hair dresser will heat the glue so that the glue can melt and attach well with your real hair.

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However, doing this kind of process will damage your real hair as at least 6 strands of your hair will be attached with at least 15 to 20 strands of hair extensions. It lasts around 1 to 2 months.

Sew in Extensions

kinds of hair extensions best different kinds of hair extensions
Sew in or weave hair is kind of braiding the extension hair into a corn row and then it will be attached into your real hair by using thread and also needle.

It is mostly chosen by the people who have thicker hair as they would spend hours to finish the whole hair extensions. This can’t be done by the common hairdresser since it has to be done with a professional. It lasts between 2 to 4 months.

Fusion / Bonded Hair Extension

best type of hair extensions different types of extensions
Fusion hair extension is extending your real hair with the hair extension by using some kind of glue which takes 4 hours to finish. It is totally unsuitable for people whose hair has been 70% damaged.

It has big risk of damaging the real hair root since it glues the individual real hair with the hair extension which can damage the real hair when it gets in touch with the adhesive glue. When you have decided to go with this kind of hair extension, it would be around 4 months to be with.

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Micro Link Hair Extension

types of permanent hair extensions methods celebrities use for short thin hair
This is another type of hair extension that is applied by looping some extension in and out of the real hair. After that you need to clamp it by using a special clamp tool with a metal bead as the place to make the real hair and the extension go firm. This kind of method will also damage the real hair as when the extension is too much, the real hair won’t be able to hold and handle. Which are your favorite types of extensions?

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