Types of Lip Piercing

6 Most Popular Types of Lip Piercing (Names, Positions, Pictures)

Types of Lip Piercing
Since lip piercing becomes getting more popular, there are more than 10 types of lip piercing available. So, if you have a plan to pierce your lip, you have to know at least the popular types available.

By knowing the options available, you can compare them and choose your favorite one wisely depending on your style.

Most Favorite Types of Lip Piercing

For you who are looking for different kinds of lip piercing, we will share some of the most common options with their short descriptions.

Bite Lip Piercing

List of Lip Piercing Types Names With Pictures
This lip piercing is classified into 7 categories. The first is angle bites where 2 piercings are above your lip. The second is snake bites where there are 2 piercings under your lip. The third is canine / shark bites where 2 piercings are above the lip whereas other two are under the lip.

The next is cyber bites where one piercing is at the middle above the lip and one more at the middle under the lip. Then, there is also dolphin bites with 2 piercings under your lip with shorter distance from each other. The last one is viper / spider bites with 2 piercings at the side under the lip.

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Medusa Piercing

Different Types of Lip Piercing
It also belongs to one of the lip piercing names where the piercing is located at the center upper lip between the ridges below the central under the nose. How about the jewelry?

This lip piercing will work best with labret studs. You have to be careful with other kinds of jewelry. Anyway, you must consult to a professional piercer before deciding to have this lip piercing.

Standard Labret Piercing

Top Above Upper Middle Under Bottom Lower Lip Piercing Names and Places
It is also well known as horizontal labret piercing. In this type, the piercing is placed below the central lower lip. Besides that, the hole should be placed to the ground roughly ¼ inch to ½ inch horizontally below the bottom of the lower lip.

As one of the lip piercing kinds, it is best with labret studs, too. However, there are some other types of jewelry that you can consider such as labret lip loop, seamless ring, or closely-fitting hoop.

Dahlia Piercing

Horizontal Vertical Center Inner Side Lip Piercing Chart Men and Girl
Based on the classifications of lip piercing, it can be categorized to bites piercing. This is also well known as Joker bites piercing. It is done with short straight barbell or labret stud. In this type, we never recommend captive bead rings and other hoops because they can make you feel difficult to talk and eat.

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You have to be careful because this piercing can cause swelling especially in the early stage. In addition, the healing process is also long enough.

Lowbret Piercing

All Kinds of Lip Piercings with Images
In this type, the labret piercing is placed far down in the lower lip. Besides, it can be placed at either side of your lip. There is a risk where this piercing can irritate gums rather than lips.

Usually, it happens when you use metal labret studs. So, the most ideal option is BioPlast labret studs. If you feel uncomfortable with its size, you may consider dermal punch for the smaller size.

Monroe Piercing

Lip Piercings Types Position Locations Ideas Labret Snake Bite Medusa Monroe Dahlia Angel
Its name comes from Marilyn Monroe. Madonna & Cindy Crawford also have the same mole with Monroe. That is why this lip piercing is also well known as Crawford piercing or Madonna piercing. You can choose placing the piercing on either side of upper lip. However it seems that the right side becomes the more common option. For the jewelry, BioPlastic Black Flat Disc with BioPlast labret stud can be the best option to wear.

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