tongue piercings types

Types of Tongue Piercings & Everything to Know

tongue piercings types
If there is no certain problem, you may consider tongue piercing. There are some different types of tongue piercings.

You have to know them all before choosing on you love. You also have to make sure that you find a professional piercer. If tongue piercing is done carelessly, it can end up with damages.

What Is Your Favorite Type of Tongue Piercing?

You can find 5 kinds of tongue piercing available. Before you choose one, you have to understand it all one by one and compare them. So, you can choose your favorite one carefully.

Midline Tongue Piercing

different types of tongue piercings
This is the most popular type you can find. This piercing requires the jewelry goes straight through your tongue around 1.9 cm from your tongue tip. This piercing uses straight barbell. It becomes the most favorite one because it is the easiest option and many people also love it.

Horizontal / Vertical Piercing

different kinds of tongue piercings
Different from the previous types, it goes straight across the tongue. On the other side, the balls of barbell stick out on one of the sides. Some people also call it as venom piercing, double tongue piercing, or tongue web style piercings. This piercing is quite dangerous. Therefore, you have to consult to a professional before you decide to have this piercing. You must understand well about its potential risks.

Frenulum Linguae Piercing

pictures of tongue piercings different types options examples images
It also becomes one of the tongue piercing types available. This is also called as web piercing or under-tongue piercing since it is located under your tongue on frenulum. Frenulum is mucous membrane fold which connects underside of your tongue to the floor of your mouth. This piercing uses a circular or curved barbell.

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Tip Tongue Piercing / Snake Eyes

tongue piercings types based on style variations positions placements locations
Actually, it belongs to a kind of horizontal piercing. However, the piercing is placed in the middle of your tongue. Besides that, the balls stick out so that it looks like the eyes of snake. That is why tip-of-tongue piercing is also called as snake eye piercing. Anyway, it is considered as one of the coolest tongue piercing kinds you can consider.

Side Tongue Piercing

It is similar to middle piercing. However, the piercing is placed on the right or left of your tongue, not in the middle.


  • Side tongue piercing : located at the side of the tongue.
  • Midline tongue piercing : located in the middle of the tongue.
  • Snake eyes tongue piercing : located at the tip of the tongue.
  • Frenulum tongue piercing : located on the frenulum under the tongue.
  • Horizontal tongue web piercing : located in the middle of the tongue straight across it.

Tongue Piercing Prices

How much is tongue piercing? The costs of tongue piercing depend on the type and jewelry used. Averagely, they cost about 30 dollars to 90 dollars. Some piercers can charge for the procedure of piercing and the ring separately. So, you have to know the clear deal with the piercer.

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Pain Level of Tongue Piercing

Piercing is now very popular. Besides tongue piercing, there are some other piercings such as nose piercing, ear piercing, belly piercing, etc. Compared to the other piercings, tongue piercing can be considered as the least painful piercing.

Sometimes, this piercing does not hurt at all but it depends on the person him or herself. If you have longer tongue, you will feel less painful. Some people say that tongue piercing pain is like biting your tongue, teeth extraction, flu shot, etc.
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What Is the Best Jewelry for Tongue Piercing?

Tongue is usually pierced with 16 to 18 mm by 1.6 mm straight barbell from surgical stainless steel or titanium. There are some potential allergies that may happen after the piercing.

In relation to the best jewelry, titanium is the most recommended option for tongue piercing because it has the minimum risk of allergic reaction. What to keep in mind is that you should never use short bar, ring, or other metals that can cause allergic reactions (read also: tongue piercing aftercare). If swelling happens, you should come to the piercer as soon as possible.

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