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Warts in Mouth: About the Oral Warts Causes & Treatments

Warts in mouth may be quite rare because the warts are often happening on the genitals areas, but it doesn’t make the problem less easy or less painful. Warts are fleshy and small lumps that grow in the affected area – in genital warts, the problem grows around the genital.

In mouth warts, it will grow around the mouth, inside and outside. It is also possible for the warts to grow in the throat, which makes the problem more challenging and difficult.
warts in mouth

The Causes

oral warts in mouth
Warts are commonly caused by the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) and it is highly contagious, especially through direct contact. S*xual contact is commonly the main reason why this oral warts issue can spread.

Whereas the genital warts are quite common, the mouth warts are pretty rare. Throat warts are even rarer. Oral s*x is one way to transmit and spread the virus.

How the Oral Warts Develop

mouth wart
When the virus has made a contact with the new area, it will likely flourish and develop. It needs warm environment to develop. When it has already developed, you will have the difficulty to talk, eat, or drink. The symptoms include:

  • The visibility of bumps inside or around the mouth or oral cavity.
  • If they aren’t painful, but they will be if irritated or traumatized.
  • The appearance may be small and discrete, only one or several of them. However, it is also possible for them to have dome shape having white color.
  • Some may look flat with darker color.
  • They feel bumpy but it is also possible for them to feel smooth.
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Treatments of Mouth Wart

warts inside outside mouth
This kind of issue can be complicated because you can’t really rest your mouth and not using it at all. R If you suffer from genital warts, for instance, you can refrain from any s*xual activity until your problem is cured. However, if the warts are happening to the mouth, how can you refrain yourself from eating or drinking? It is possible for the foods or the drink to irritate the warts, preventing it from curing completely.

So far, there have been several options to treat the warts, such as carbon dioxide laser wart removal, homeopathic wart remedy, natural herbs, cryotherapy, freezing, interpheron alpha injection, or surgical removal. The options for the treatment depend on the condition and how your doctor advises the best option.

You should also remember that there are always possibilities for the risks, pain, and also side effects. Even after the treatments, there are always possibilities that the warts will come back.

It is not advisable that you remove the warts on your own because not only it will cause infection, it will also spread the issue to other areas – making complication. It is best to leave it to your doctor.

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The Preventive Measurement

hpv warts in mouth
The best thing to prevent the warts is to practice safe s*x – meaning that you should always wear the condom or you should not have s*x with anyone you don’t know.

However, it is possible that you are infected by the virus that is common for the oral warts – not necessarily the one responsible for the genital types. Talk to the doctor about the best treatment and prevention for warts in mouth.

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