nose piercing care

Nose Piercing Care Guides

nose piercing care
There are many people who want to look cool with nose piercing. The most common nose piercing type is nostril piercing that takes 4 to 6 months to be healed completely. If you do so, you have to understand about nose piercing care.

Unfortunately, many people do not know how to care for it. But you have to know what to do on the day of piercing, aftercare, and other tips.
how to take care of a nose piercing

Nose Piercing Care on the Day of Piercing

Nose piercing aftercare starts from the day of nose piercing. The most important thing is to keep your nose and hands clean.

For piercing your nose, you can apply saline using cotton balls to the piercing. It may be painful but if you follow the procedures rightly, this will not end up well. It is simple, is not it?

What to Do in the Rest of Aftercare Phase

You must do nose piercing healing until it is fully and completely healed. Even though it looks nice, you must keep caring it. In this case, the key is hygiene. You need to soak it with salt water every day regularly to prevent bacteria that can cause infection. There are also some products recommended for caring nose piercing.

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One of the most recommended products is H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray. This product is available at stores so that you can buy it easily. Besides that, there are also many people who have proven that this product is very useful for treating nose piercing. So, if you are looking for nose piercing aftercare products, we recommend you to buy this.
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Tips for Nose Piercing Care

There are many mistakes often made by those who are healing nose piercing. So, you have to know the following tips. For nose piercing treatment, you have to avoid infection because infection can cause worse conditions and longer treatment. To prevent infection, firstly you cannot play with your jewelry. Unfortunately, this is the most common mistake to happen.

Besides that, you also have to always wash your hands, especially before you touch the nose piercing. It can minimize the risk of infection. Then, people often clean nose piercing with harsh products. This can irritate your nose piercing. So, you have to make sure that you only use products with no peroxide or alcohol.
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For women, we know that you cannot live without makeup. However, you are not allowed to put any cosmetic over the nose piercing during the aftercare. Any kind of makeup including moisturizer usually contains chemicals that are dangerous for nose piercing. It means you have to keep them away from the nose piercing.

During the aftercare period, you are also not allowed to remove the jewelry. However, many people do not care about this caution. Removing the jewelry during the treatment can cause problems including infection.

Last, for you who like swimming, we recommend you to stop swimming until the nose piercing is completely treated. In fact, the water in the swimming pool usually contains chemicals that can cause infection.

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