types of nose piercing

Types of Nose Piercings & the Best Jewelry

types of nose piercing
Nose piercing is now increasingly more popular. There are some popular types of nose piercings. If you are interested in nose piercings, you must know them all.

In the past, nose piercing relates to punk. Today, many people have nose piercing including artists. (Read also: nose piercing care)
different types of nose piercing

Most Famous Types of Nose Piercing

There are 7 popular kinds of nose piercings. Each of them has its corresponding jewelry. So, check them out below:

Nostril Piercing

nose piercing types pictures for male and female
This is not only the most traditional nose piercing but also the most common one. It is usually situated above the crease with the nostril gently curves away from cheek. This piercing is a single hole. It can be done on one of the sides of your nose.

However, the position can coincide with reproductive organs of women related to birthing and menstrual cycles. As the simples piercing, it allows the insertion of captive ball rings, circular barbells, nose rings, L-shaped pins, nostril screws, and studs.

High Nostril Piercing

types of nose piercing names should i get
High nostril also belongs to the most popular nose piercing types. Besides unique, it also creates striking effect.

In relation to the jewelry, there are some options that include L-shaped pins, nostril screws and studs. Unfortunately, it is not recommended to use hoops or rings. Compared to the first one, high nostril is more difficult.

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Septum Piercing

different nose piercing names with best kind of jewelry
Today, septum piercing is considered as one of the most fashionable nose piercing kinds. Besides versatile, this can also be flipped out of view easily. Even more, it can also be gauged.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to achieve this. The best options of jewelry include gauges, captive bead rings and circular barbells.

Bridge Piercing

what are the different kinds of nose piercings
This piercing is very cool. Based on the technique, it is classified into surface piercing since it doesn’t puncture bone or cartilage. This is susceptible to migration where your body pushes it closer to your skin surface. If it happens, you should ask the piercer to remove the piercing & allow the hole to be closer.

Some recommended kinds of jewelry are circular barbells and curved barbells. Straight barbells are not recommended because they can cause migration.

Vertical Tip Piercing

nose piercing types
It becomes one of the unique types of nose pierce because it runs vertically from above the nose tip to under the nose tip. It is rare enough to find people with this piercing.

Considering the structure of nose, the only acceptable jewelry used for this nose piercing is a curved barbell.

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Septril Piercing

what is a nose piercing called what size side should i pierce my nose to look better
Combining a gauged septum & half of vertical lip, this piercing externally looks to be delicate piercing. Internally, the process may take years of dedication to get it. It can be very painful and also time-intensive.

However, it depends on the structure and position of the unique septal cartilage. In relation to the jewelry, mostly people prefer septril hole & eyelet, plug or tunnel.


This piercing is very intense. Actually, it is a tri-nasal piercing where it penetrates low on both septum and nostril. Mostly, it is done all at once with a needle. Besides, it is also meant to be worn using a straight barbell.

Nose piercing is very exciting. You can also imagine the combinations by starting layering, doubling and tripling piercings we have mentioned above. Nose piercing is very popular especially in Western culture. However, now it has been spread around the world more evenly. Are you interested in one of the nose piercing above? If you feel inspired, now it is time for you to consider your desired nose piercing and you will look very cool.

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